Open Water Anchors & Docking

Digger Anchors

Digger or grabber cleats put constant downward pressure on the flukes to set fast and keep digging in rough and windy conditions! Incredible holding power!- without a chain! With just a jerk on the line when pulling up the anchor will drop the flukes and leave the mud, sand and weeds behind! Can be released when caught on rocks or other debris! Will work with 4:1 to 5:1 slope where others require 7:1 slope or greater!

  • First anchor improvement in many years.
  • The Digger Anchor will hold your vessels “put” in your favorite spot in a river, lake or on the ocean.
  • Just a “jerk” on the rope when pulling up anchor will drop flukes. All mud, sand and weeds will stay in the water.
  • Grabber cleats or “diggers” put constant downward pressure on flukes to set fast and keep digging down in rough and windy conditions! No chain needed!
  • Can be released when caught on rocks or other debris!
  • Will work with a 4:2 to 5:1 scope where other require 7:1 scope or greater!
Freshwater Digger Anchor
  • 15 lb – for boats up to 40 ft – for pontoons up to 30 ft
  • Powder coated castings
  • Zinc plated loops and eyehooks
  • Aluminum tube encases internal parts

The Dimensions are:

  • 15 lb is 6.5″ x 11.5″ x 20″

Listen to a clip about the Freshwater Digger Anchor!

FRESHWATER # 15 – for boats to 40 feet – $105.00
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Saltwater Digger Anchor

Features Stainless steel parts with 5000 hours salt resistant Double Bronze Powder coating and Triple Silver powder coated Flukes giving you an anchor that is not only durable but very attractive!

  • 15 lb – for boats up to 40 ft
  • Double coated powder casings
  • 5,000 hours saltwater resistance
  • Stainless eyehooks and internal parts
  • Aluminum tube encases internal parts
  • Gold castings
  • Silver flukes

Listen to a clip about the Saltwater Digger Anchor!

SALTWATER # 15 – for boats to 40 feet – $120.00
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Sandspike® Anchor Bag Custom Made for the Digger!

This bag is made to hold your anchor and your anchor line. This bag has a built on strap for easy carrying and has two compartments. The flap is secured strongly with a large Velcro strap. Keep the inside of your watercraft nice and tidy with this anchor bag.


Small bag fits the #10 model – $49.95
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Large bag fits the #12 and #15 model – $69.95
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The ultimate snap tool for fastening or unfastening canvas boat covers! SNAPMATE™ cuts cover removal and installation time in half while reducing canvas damage and wear. SNAPMATE™ can also be used for convertible auto covers or truck bed covers. The perfect tool for fastening or unfastening canvas or truck covers

snapmate1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- snapmate2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- snapmate3-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- snapmate4-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-


  • Grips snap head securely
  • Provides leverage when pulling canvas tight
  • Fits all boat canvas snaps
  • Men, Women, and even Children can use with ease
  • Makes a difficult job quick and easy
  • Solid high grade aluminum construction
  • Anodized silver finish
  • Lifetime guarantee

Snapmate™ – $19.95
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Dockhawk® Instant Grapple
dockhawk1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- dockhawk2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- dockhawk3-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- dockhawk4-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

Dock Hawk. Sandspike - The ultimate beach anchor for boats of all types including motor boats, sail boats, fishing boats, water ski, jet ski and float planes.The Dockhawk® is an instant Grapple that folds flat for easy storage and with just a flick of a button the Dockhawk® instantly deploys ready for action.

The Dockhawk® can now help when you need to reach out and snag the dock, the shore or just about anything you want to pull your watercraft too.

The Dockhawk® is manufactured out of Stainless Steel and will never rust, fold flat when not in use and stores in its handy custom made bag. It takes up very little of that precious space available on your watercraft and we do have opitonal brackets that can be purchased for mounting in a convenient location aboard your watercraft.

Included with the Dockhawk®
40′ of the best floating mooring line on the market today. A nine inch loop on the end of the line to put around your wrist before throwing. We attache the line to the Dockhawk® with a Stainless Steel clip. A custom made carrying bag made out of very durable water proof material with handles.

Dockhawk® – $99.95
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