Drink Accessories

Sandspike® Drink Accessories

Sandspike® Be Open Bottle Opener

The “Be Open” bottle opener is the easiest, most entertaining way to open any bottle with a metal “crown cap” whether it is a twist-off or pry-top, such as those found on most beer and pop bottles. When people see the Be Open in action, their face lights up and they say “Wow! Let me try that!” and they can’t wait to do it again. A fantastic gift! It’s so easy on the hands, anyone who’s ever had difficulty opening a bottle can do it with ease. Always packed in clear drawstring bag w/tag

be-open2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories be-open1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories

Be Open Bottle Opener – $9.95
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Sandspike® Bottle Wrap

Keep those beverages cold longer with the Sandspike® Bottle Wrap.


Sandspike® Bottle Wrap – $5.99
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Sandspike® Koozies
koozies1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories koozies2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories

5 Colors to choose from:
Blue · Red · Yellow · Purple · Black

Single Koozie – $2.89
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Koozie Party 6 Pack – $15.00
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Sandspike® 16oz. Tumblers

All new Sandspike 16oz. Double wall tumblers to keep your beverages cold on the hot summer days!

The Sandspike crew started to use these out on the beach and now everyone wants to know how to get one for themselves! Well look no further cause we now carry them for our boating customers. These Tumblers are great out on the beach or just about anywhere you go and want to keep those drinks hot or cold.

The double wall construction prevents hot drinks form burning your hands and cold drinks from getting your hands cold

These double wall tumblers keep your drinks hot or cold without sweating on the outside due to the double wall construction

These are just like the ones that famous coffee place sells but only cheaper in price

These tumblers last a long time and can be used everywhere.

tumblers1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories tumblers2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories tumblers3-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories
  • Clear Acrylic Tumbler and Straw
  • 16oz Double wall
  • Twist on lid
  • Ring on straw to prevent loss
  • Great for mixed drinks
  • Great for Coffee drinks
  • Impress your boating friends!

Sandspike® 16oz. Tumblers – $10.95
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