Beach Anchors

The Sandspike®

Sandspikes® are lightweight anodized aluminum, will never rust, and will last a lifetime. They work on all types of beaches!

Original 16″ Sandspike® – $69.95
Holds up to a 24′ low profile watercraft. These are for low profile boats, Jet skis etc.
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Medium 18 3/4″ Sandspike® – $89.95
Holds up to a 32′ watercraft. Recommended for watercraft with Towers!
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Large 22.5″ Sandspike® – $109.95
Holds up to a 42′ watercraft.
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Sandspike® Beach Anchor Kit

The Beach Anchor Kits contains a rust free anodized Sandspike®, float/marker, a rust proof chain and a handy carrying bag which makes storing a breeze.

Sandspike-Beach-Anchor-Kit2 Sandspike-Beach-Anchor-Kit Sandspike-Float-Marker Sandspike-Travel-Bag

Original Beach Anchor Kit – $85.00
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Medium Beach Anchor Kit – $105.00
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Large Beach Anchor Kit – $125.00
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Sandspike® Float/Marker

Never worry again about losing your Sandspike® and it marks your spot on the beach. (Attach this to your Sandspike® with the chain provided and if you ever drop it overboard if will float!) Great when using your Sandspike® just a few feet offshore! Order two and use one with your Spike, the other attach to your anchor line! (size is 3.5″ X 13″). One size Works with all three sizes of Sandspikes®.

Sandspike® Float/Marker – $10.00
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Sandspike® Travel Bag

Convenient heavy duty mesh custom bag for your Sandspike®. These bags have a lot of great uses! Great for ski gloves, Ropes, Beverages, sun tan lotion bottles or just about anything you want to keep together on your watercraft.

Original Travel Bag – $8.99
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Medium Travel Bag – $9.99
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Large Travel Bag – $10.99
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Sandspike® Skins

Set yourself apart from the crowd and add personality to your Sandspike® with one of our Sandspike® Skins! Don’t be like just any boater out there add a little touch of something different to your Sandspike® or hey just make your own fashion statement out on the beach.

Want to pick a color that matches your boat or want to have a different color then what is available with the Sandspikes®? Then these skins are the solution to what you’re looking for!

These skins have been designed to perfectly fit the unique contour of every Sandspike® and have a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive already on it so you just peel & stick it in place. Available in 12 Colors.

Sandspike Skins

Skin for Original Sandspike® – $5.95
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Skin for Medium Sandspike® – $6.95
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Skin for Large Sandspike® – $7.95
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