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Sandspike® Custom Beach Anchor lines

Custom made to work with the Sandspike® each line has a 9″ loop on one end for connecting to the Sandspike® and a stainless steel clip on the other for connecting to your watercraft. Both ends are triple stitched for added strength. All lines are made of 100% solid braid polypropylene, are completely washable, colorfast, UV protected, floats and always stays soft. The Custom 8 color lines are in stock and ready to ship.

Custom-Beach-Anchor-lines-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- Custom-Beach-Anchor-lines3-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- Custom-Beach-Anchor-lines2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

Available in 5 sizes and 8 colors to match your boat:

We stock the following colors everyday:
Red – Royal Blue – Navy Blue – Black – Silver – Grey – Yellow – purple

5 Foot Beach Anchor Line – $26.00
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15 Foot Beach Anchor Line – $33.00
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15 Foot Beach Anchor Line with Float – $36.00
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25 Foot Beach Anchor Line with Float – $46.00
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40 Foot Beach Anchor Line with Float – $61.00
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7/16″ Anchor line for your Anchor!

Same quality line used for all of our lines! 8 colors availible. 3/16 Stainless shackle and thimble with custom matching bag!

Anchor-Line-dock-lines-fender-ties-towing-products-anchor-lines-anchor-bags-fender-covers-boating-products-houseboats Custom-Beach-Anchor-lines4-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- Custom-Beach-Anchor-lines2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

50 Foot Line – $75.00
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75 Foot Line – $100.00
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100 Foot Line – $125.00
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150 Foot Line – $170.00
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Sandspike® Anchor Buddy

The anchor rope that stretches! It’s Like Having A Rubber Band On The Back Of Your Boat. (Anchor Buddy is 14′ and stretches to 50′) (Mini Buddy is 7′ and stretches to 21′)

anchor-buddy1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- anchor-buddy2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

Available in 5 colors to match your boat:
Blue · Black · Purple · Red · Yellow

Anchor – Buddy – $36.00
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Here’s How It Works…

  1. Drop anchor approximately 35′ from shore.
  2. Proceed to shore and Anchor Buddy…
  3. Step off, pay out bowline, and Anchor Buddy Pulls out your boat.
  4. Attach your bowline to your Sandspike and go have fun!
  5. Retrieve boat by pulling in bowline, step aboard and Anchor buddy safely pulls you back out.


Sandspike® Slalom Buoys

Great for floats and markers! We also use them with the Anchor Buddys so the clip doesn’t stretch back and disappear under the water!

Slalom-Buoys2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- Slalom-Buoys-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

Slalom Buoys – $8.00
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Life Buddy

It’s easy to use and more accurate than any other throw line on the market. Guaranteed!!!! Used by Fire departments, Rescue Units, Police and Sheriff’s departments and Government agencies. A must for all boats and a necessity for all law-enforcement agencies. Available in Orange and Yellow only.

Top Knots Life Buddy TM is a safety throw bag containing 60′ of FLOATING yellow rope. The rope has no “memory” so will uncoil smoothly every time it is thrown. A loop on the thrower’s end has an attached beadless whistle to summon help. The aerodynamic design of the bag makes it easy to throw accurately up to the full 60′ of line. Two loops on the bag end of the line give a secure hand hold for the person being rescued. A float keeps the bag and the loops readily accessible to the person being rescued. Every Boater should have one!

life-buddy2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- life-buddy-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

Life Buddy – $40.00
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SlipJac® Portable Adjustable Knot

SlipJac Logo Finally a useful hook that will work with all types of lines and ropes! The SlipJac® can handle 1/4″ to 3/4″ inch lines and can be connected to any place on the line. Now you don’t have to find the end and feed it through the hook like the others on the market. Once the line is put into place you can simply pull the line towards the front of the SlipJac® and pull out the slack, It is that simple!

The unique design was created by a team of engineers and is design to provide a straight pull and a hook that allows hooking to various eyelets, hooks and cleats.

Tired of tying those complicated knots and then hoping that they will hold? SlipJac® is not here to make your life easier.

The SlipJac® makes tying up a breeze!

slipjac1-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- slipjac2-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- slipjac4-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories- slipjac3-motor-boats-sail-boats-fishing-boats-water-ski-boats-jet-ski-boats-float-planes-anchor-supplies-accessories-

How to use SlipJac®:
Simply lift up the small thumb lever and drip your line into the SlipJac®, let go of the lever and the SlipJac® instantly locks the line into place, then connect the clip to what ever your trying to hold on to.

The special designed clip is made to fit just about anything you might want to attach.

No more trying to thread your line through those others on the market and you can attach your SlipJac® to anyplace along your line for quicker connection.

To take out the slack on your line simply just pull the lose end of your line and the SlipJac® allows the line to flow freely in that direction and when you stop it automatically locks back into place!

These are great for tying up your watercraft, tying down loads or just about anything else you might want to tie up or attach a line to.

SlipJac® is available in three colors: Red, Black and Blue.

SlipJac® – $59.95
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