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Send us pictures of your watercraft using the Sandspike® and we’ll post them here for all to enjoy. We’re boaters too and we love to see how other boaters are using the Sandspike®

Because the Sandspike® works on all types of beaches we like to show how people across the country are using the Sandspike®. Small boat, large boats, Jet Skis, PWC’s, Planes, Kayaks, Canoes and Rafts are some of the many uses for the Sandspike®. Below are testimonials and pictures of all types of watercraft that the Sandspike® is compatible with. If you have a particular application that you are proud of, send it to use and we will try and put it up on this website for all to see.

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    Recent Testimonials

    “I have been quite happy with my two new sand spikes for use with my Searey. They have made wheels-up beaching much more doable as I can easily tie off both wings and not worry about a shift in the wind or tide pushing my plane into a tree or dock. They are light weight and easily bungee down in the baggage area when not in use. My only suggestion would be for the company to provide a quick drying carry bag to stow the spikes with ropes and minimize the amount of sand that gets loose in the plane.”
    My wife and I took a trip this past week to Broken Bow Lake, OK and got the chance to put our new regular sized red Sandspike and 25′ Sandspike anchor line with float to good use! Was an awesome trip, a beautiful lake, and made it much more relaxing, being able to anchor down and relax with our new Sandspike items. Front of boat was anchored down using the red Anchor Buddy line, which was an awesome product as well and was our first time using it during this trip! Love the Sandspike products! Great quality! I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for! Looking at the Dockhawk for my next boating accessory. It would have been ideal for the amount of rocky and tree lined shores on this lake.
    (Tyler, TX)
    Just wanted to take a moment to tell you about our expereicnce with our new sand spike. We were in a 22ft Hurricane deck boat, it was a windy day with tide running around 3 knots, the sand was hand packed yellow. The spike worked perfectly went in very easy and was there to stay, even with wakes from other boats the spike held. Great Product!!!
    Paul and Sabrina
    Very pleased with our purple Sandspike! 🙂
    Love from Norway
    This thing is a dream. No more anchor taking up space and chain rattling around in the hatches. When I put it in the sand I even put the boat in reverse and gave it a tug and the thing didn’t even budge. Hell of a product you got here chief.
    Loving our spikes! Hold the boats well and look good while doing it… We also have the Trash Sacks and Love them! !
    Alan and Heather
    I must say, the four best looking things on the beach that day. My girlfriend, her cousin, my jet boat and the SANDSPIKE that I love! Boating on the Snake River above Heller Bar is the best fun you can have. But when you pull onto a busy beach, pull out the SANDSPIKE the questions start. Everyone ask about the best tool on the boat. I’ve had more people ask “Where did you get that?” Not only does it work everytime without failure, it looks good and is easy to use. Your product is the best I’ve every used. If you don’t have a SANDSPIKE in your boat, STAY HOME!! It works for every trip, day or night. Thanks for keep us safe and looking good!!
    Robert “Breezy” Breland
    (Clarkston, Washington)
    I have been an avid boater for over 20 years and have used several different anchor systems, the Sandspike beach anchor is by far the best around. I had my first Sandspike for 6 years and passed in on to my cousin who still uses it 3 years later. I bought another Sandspike to match my new boat. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and doesn’t take up much room on the boat. I know I can count on it every time. As long as I own a boat, I’ll own a Sandspike. Thanks!
    Erik M.
    (Edmonds, WA)
    My husband and I have owned our 08′ Eliminator for a little over a year, and before that we had a 30′ Scarab. We are now on our second Sandspike. Our first Sandspike was purple, which matched the motors in our old boat. We now have an amazing red Sandspike which we have had for a little more than a year. We take it everywhere we boat because we never know when we will need to anchor ourselves off of a beach to be in the center of the party. It was one of the best investments that we have made for our Hot Boat, because having our Sandspike allows us to leave our boat on the beach and feel confident knowing that it will still be there when we get back. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support a great product, and for being able to keep our boat safe on the beach!
    Brandon and Amanda
    (Seattle, Washington )
    Here you go just as promised. I was the one a couple of weeks ago with the white with red Pro Air Nautique. Hope to see you next year at the dunes.
    After spending hard earned money on a terrific wakeboard boat I wanted to protect my investment. It was so nice to shop at a web site that had the specific products to give me peace of mind. Instead of wondering around the local boating centers trying to find the correct mooring and anchoring products, Sandspike made it easy with supplying all the perfect products. Sandspike supplied me with exactly the right size, strength and stylish colors. I can go boating knowing that my family and investment are protected.
    James and Julia
    (Lynden Washington))
    Attached is a photo of our 32′ Houseboat using two of your Sandspikes and One of you Digger anchor’s off the stern. We have tried many different configurations for securing our houseboat for the night and many of them have caused us to wake up in a cold sweat when we hear the wind blow or feel any significant wave action. This configuration has been the best by far and holds up to the wind and waves we experience all too often. We no longer need to dig huge holes in the sand to burry anchors or worry about the water rising over them. ( Ever try to dig out an anchor that’s a foot under water? – Not Fun ) The Sandspikes hold just as well, but I can setup and teardown in less than a minute and I can use my regular dock lines to do it. No more storing extra anchors or line !
    Great Product ! The finish hasn’t even worn off after two seasons of shoving it in and out of the sand and bouncing around in my deck box.
    Attached is a pic of our 26′ Chaparral Cruiser tied to 2 of your 18 inch spikes in Iceberg Canyon at Lake Powell, Utah. We’ve used them over and over now and they always hold really tight, even when to boat is rocked by wakes or wind. Much better than pounding in a piece of rebar with a hammer like I did for so long!
    (Vista, CA)
    It’s amazing to see all the people that come up to us and ask, “what is that and where can I get one?” I tell them Sandspike.com, of course! The best thing is it’s so light, compact, and easy to store on the boat. No more heavy anchors to lug up to the beach. I tell my brother you need to set up a canopy here on this Island on the lake we boat. I’m sure you’d make a killing. Thanks for a fine product. I hope the people I told about your site, come and purchase from you.
    (Great Sacandaga Lake, NY)
    It’s a small minority of boat owners who frequent the Dunes on Quilomene Lake that have yet to experience the convenient, durable and simple to use “Sandspike®”. They are wonderful. The other products you have to offer such as the “Anchor Line” and”Anchor Buddy”, all color coordinated, complete and an attractive package that works and looks great! Sandspike® really helps to make boating fun!
    Steve and Debbie
    Ernesto sent us this photo of his Yamaha GP1200R using a Silver Sandspike® and wrote us the following. Thanks Ernesto! Well, first off I know you cant see the Sandspike®…. BUT!! To me this is the best way for my Ski………I anchor off shore. As you can see I take care of my GP & try to keep the hull off the shore when I can. I just go to about 5 feet deep and stick my silver Sand Spike in with my foot…………..This was at the sandbar in Havasu, as you can tell it’s pretty crowded. A Sandspike® on a short leash is just what you need to avoid your boat bumping into a 100K twin hull!! The Sandspike® really is a simple but fantastic product……….. You must get a ton of referral business, because everyone always asks me about how the Sandspike® works………& I love to tell them they’re fools for not having one!!! Keep up the great work. P.S My partner and I also use two blue Sandspikes® to hold our 20Ft Yamaha LS2000 which is our Up & coming company’s (JetSet Motorsports) PWC support vehicle. One at the bow & if there is any current, one at the stern & our 2000lb Jet Boat is secure.
    Ernesto, Valencia CA.
    Another Happy Customer writes: Well we finally made it to the river and put your Sandspike® to the test. What can I say. It is the best thing we’ve used yet to keep us on the beach. All the photos were taken on Lake Havasu over Columbus weekend. Weather was perfect as you can see and we had a great time. Hope you can use some of these shots on your website. By the way our baby is a 2000 Hallett 210. It is the boat of boats. Thanks for a great product and we will definitely be telling everyone where they can get their own. Take care and happy boating. Thanks, Dale and Paula!
    Dale and Paula
    The uses for the Sandspike are almost unlimited! I use it to keep my Sunsetter at the beach and I have extras to tie down the Easy- Up that I use for shade, after seeing so many boats having to pull onto the beach or tie up to a rock, or whatever they could find, I’ll never be without my Sandspike!
    Here are some photos of my plane using my Sandspikes (2). We really like the Sandspikes. They work as advertised, and are nice and light, which matters in a small plane.
    Hi my name is , I took my 2001 Reinell 203 out for the first time last weekend with the Sandspike, Loved It! Held great loved the floating marker, boat never moved. I mentioned it to a few people on the cove and they had never seen one before. They all said they would be getting ahold of you. Easy to use and I will make sure people know about it, perfect for my lake (Lake San Antonio) Lockwood, California. Thanks for a great product!
    This is my second Sandspike for my new 2007 Crown line 21SS LPX. My last Sandspike was blue to match my 1995 fully custom Kachina Laser. I had the Sandspike for 6 years now, and is currently being used on our SeaDoo. The coating still looks new and we love these. Thanks for the great product.
    (Mustang, OK)
    Dear Sandspike, Thank you so much for helping me last month. I really appreciated the attention and professionalism you demonstrated. And we absolutely love our Sandspike!!!! I’m glad I went back again and looked at your site and ordered the kit with the rope. It worked out perfectly. Thank you again for your help and my husband was delighted with his gift!
    (Jacksonville, NC)
    “Been seeing you stuff for years over at Crescent Bar, you have a good
    reputation and recommended by many”
    (Marysville, WA )
    Seaplanes have a different tie down issue than wheel planes. The tie down tools for wheels are placed under the wing and have the purpose of keeping the wing from lifting, the tool must prevent the airplane from flipping over in high winds. Typical stakes either screw into the ground our have other methods to distribute the load to prevent being pulled up and out of the ground. Normally wheel plane tie downs have an advantage of being next to a runway and are on hard ground which makes the screw in anchor a good solution. A seaplane is tied along a shoreline where we have sand, gravel or mud. The force on the anchor is from the side. SandSpikes are the only solution which seems to work in this situation. I carry two 19 inch and one 12 inch spike. I carry two lines for the front of the floats to the shore of about 75 feet each and a back line of about 30 feet. This keeps the nose into the wind which is critical for float planes. The extra weight of the floats usually is enough to keep the plane from flip you fill the floats with water to keep the plane grounded. SandSpikes are the only solution that works. I have tested them on 7 trips to Alaska and the have worked for me in all situations.
    I place an order on Saturday online, through paypal. Paypal sent you guys the wrong address. I noticed this when I got the shipment notification from UPS. I called and spoke with Jack, who was very courteous. Although the mistake was in no way your fault, he went out of his way and promptly worked to get it corrected. Thank you for the wonderful customer service.