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How it all began…

The Sandspike® was created by two water skiers. They were sitting on the beach one day talking about a better way to tie up their boats while on the shore. They had seen people use everything except the kitchen sink. They walked the beach and looked at all the ways all their fellow boaters were tying up. They saw people using cinder blocks, rusty rebar, sticks, tree trunks and even rocks (little rocks, big rocks and even buckets of rocks). They then decided that they needed a beach anchor. A simple solution that was lightweight and compact, and that would hold up without rusting or getting their boats dirty. After playing around with several different things they decided aluminum was the material they needed to use.

They had a couple samples made and began using them while out on their skiing weekends. People would walk by and say “That’s really cool! Where did you get it?” or ” How can I get one of those?” So they decided to start a business and market the Sandspike® to all their fellow boaters out there.

Since then the company has grown into what is is today. We sell all over the world and we have included some great items to go along with the entire line and we will continue finding unique boating items to offer our customers!

We hope you enjoy our products and that they make your boating more enjoyable!

Sandspike Beach Anchors
Sandspike Beach Anchor
Sandspike Beach Anchors
Use the Sandspike to Anchor your Float Plane!

Making Boating Better Since 1998

We’re boaters too and we love to see how other boaters are using the Sandspike®. Because the Sandspike® works on all types of beaches we like to show how people across the country are using the Sandspike®. Small boat, large boats, Jet Skis, PWC’s, Planes, Kayaks, Canoes and Rafts are some of the many uses for the Sandspike®.

Works on all Types of Beaches!

Don’t let the name fool you. This innovative anchoring system works great when you want to keep your watercraft secured but don’t have anything to tie to. The Sandspike® can keep your watercraft on the beach or off the beach, depending on which you prefer. Simple to use, just insert in the beach angled away from your boat, and the Sandspike® acts as a temporary mooring bit. Once inserted, it looks good and it’s much safer than sticks, rocks, or what ever else you find on the beach. They work on all types of beaches, except solid rock. (But, then what will?) Available in three sizes. Original size will hold up to a 24’ boat, medium up to 32’, and large up to 42’ depending on conditions. Need more holding power? Call us! You can always go larger!

Beware of cheap imitations on the market!

We have done numerous testing on all of our competitors products and we still have the strongest holding power of any beach anchor on the market today! Guaranteed! In fact due to this incredible holding power of our Sandspike we are the only one that is recommended and manufactured for a major boat manufacturer!

  • The safest beach anchoring system available.
  • The easiest beach anchoring system to use.
  • The most color options available.
  • A lightweight and compact design.
  • The only beach anchor recommended by a major boat manufacturer.
  • No messy tubes to fill up with sand and dirt.