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Works on all Types of Beaches!

Don’t let the name fool you. This innovative anchoring system works great when you want to keep your watercraft secured but don’t have anything to tie to. The Sandspike® can keep your watercraft on the beach or off the beach, depending on which you prefer. Simple to use, just insert in the beach angled away from your boat, and the Sandspike® acts as a temporary mooring bit. Once inserted, it looks good and it’s much safer than sticks, rocks, or what ever else you find on the beach. They work on all types of beaches, except solid rock. (But, then what will?) Available in three sizes. Original size will hold up to a 24’ boat, medium up to 32’, and large up to 42’ depending on conditions. Need more holding power? Call us! You can always go larger!

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Beware of cheap imitations on the market!

We have done numerous testing on all of our competitors products and we still have the strongest holding power of any beach anchor on the market today! Guaranteed! In fact due to this incredible holding power of our Sandspike we are the only one that is recommended and manufactured for a major boat manufacturer!

  • The safest beach anchoring system available
  • The easiest beach anchoring system to use
  • The most color options available
  • A lightweight and compact design
  • The only beach anchor recommended by a major boat manufacturer
  • Will never rust
  • Will last a lifetime!
  • Guaranteed to work!
  • Holds Boats Up to 42 feet
  • In use by several different Law Enforcement agencies

How to use your new Sandspike®

Sandspike - The ultimate beach anchor for boats of all types including motor boats, sail boats, fishing boats, water ski, jet ski and float planes.

  1. For maximum holding power, insert the Sandspike® into ground with it angled away from your watercraft.
  2. No tools Necessary! Simply wiggle and push it in with your hand or foot. The further down you get it in the better the hold.
  3. If your beach is rocky or hard packed then simply go a few inches into the water and the hydraulics of the water will help it go in!
  4. Tie off your watercrafts Stern or Bow Line to the Sandspike®.

Purchase a new Sandspike®

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